Self emptying. Pouring forth. Creation. Divine Revelation. From what? From where? It is uniquely human to ask questions. As we step back into the unknown Grace enters from beyond the limits of Comprehension. From what? From where? Yet “what” and “where” are irrelevant. Or perhaps beyond relevance. Grace doesn’t enter… It has always been and always will be. In the depths of this Mystery Pouring forth from the darkness Language is insufficient. The light Divine so bright that it is beyond Perception. Comprehension. Awareness. Yet it resides within each human All of creation. From the largest galaxies to the quantum particles All yet to be discovered All present All Emerging. Changing. Evolving. Life is movement Pouring forth from Mystery. Where cycles of life and death And Expansion and contraction Instruct humanity about Letting go And Learning to self-empty With the movements of God. From a birth of Mystery The unseen…unknown…yet known Emerges as scripture Throughout the created world Illuminated through a spark of yearning within. Slowly self-emptying. In freedom.

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