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"New Beginnings"
Original Art by Heather Thompson,
Blue Phoenix Art 

Every so often (usually once a week), I post on topics as varied as I am - art, spirituality, theology, poetry, stories from the farm, funny animal videos, life as a single mom with a chronic illness/disability, personal insights from my own healing journey, rare disease advocacy, and the list goes on....I don't fit into boxes and neither shall my blog.  Freedom of voice is rare. A genuine feminine lens built upon an authentic foundation of WOM-AN, not an outlook in rejection of patriarchy, is even more usual.  The gift of the last ten years, since the concussion that changed my life, has been a slow cultivation of the sudden RAW gift of NEW feminine EYES accompanied by a shocking paralysis of the VOICE I once wielded with the power of a Scottish Highland Warrior. 


With time and gentle awareness, I came to realize that my former voice was too linear to convey what was behind my new eyes within my new brain, where paradoxes, fractals, and vast hollograms gave me instant understanding that could not be collapsed into a summary sentence. The ineffable world stood before me like the Grand Canyon - indescribable and overwhelming. I was silenced. I chose to fall in love with my new brain. I claimed my neurodivergence. I embraced the process of relearning and reintegrating through theological primary sources, poetry and artistic exploration. It has taken many years for me to become comfortable with the multitude of ways that I must creatively utilize VOICE in order to authentically communicate my experience of the world, whether it be through color, words, drawings, images, and quiet contemplation.

This is the space where I share my voice. Please subscribe below, and thank you for joining the journey.

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