about the artist

There are terms to describe my creativity…words like “Synesthesia, Acquired Savantism and Accidental Genius" are all thrown about among experts talking about how I suddenly discovered the ability to paint in 2011.  But this isn't just a story of painting; it is my experience of transformation.

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I am a healing artist. I am a mother. I am divorced now. I no longer live in the City, as I choose to live among the trees and natural beauty that my eyes used to take for granted.  I study Theology, incorporating Eastern Philosophy and Ancient Christianity into a perspective that resembles the contemplative Franciscan tradition. I live with several chronic conditions that inform my art and writing. I spend time with people that live outside, as they are my teachers. Ultimately, the life I lead keeps me deeply rooted in faith and gratitude. And there is one thing I know for sure - Art is prayer. Art is ministry. Art heals.

Each painting is an adventure…a walk into the wood toward an unknown ending. With abundant courage I step out of the embryonic warmth into the darkness alone waiting for sparks of color to run down my arms and through my wrists only to slowly drip from my fingertips.

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